A true Satanist with a lust for raw and bloody meat. Human or not
December 15, 1981
True performer by heart and aspiring (fetish/BDSM) model!
Born on Dec 15th 1981 on St.Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.
Lived in Curacao durring mid 1995 til January 1996 due to Hurricane Luis Distroying my school. Durring 1996 til 1999 I moved back to SXM, I switched schools a lot. Year 2001-2004 Moved to holland to presue an education in art and eventually moved back to SXM. 2008 was a ruff year and a lot of changes needed to be made. At the end of 2008 I moved to Durham England, where I went more into Satanism and started to wonder "could I be a fetish/ alternative model?" I moved back to Amsterdam and went to my 1st Fetish party at the Showboat on the 11 of Sept. 2009. Theres where all of this began.. I met my wonderful boyfriend there, who is now also my Master. 

Performing and modeling. bdsm fetish and so on...is now a part of me that I never knew was there.. Im living my Dream now..
Dutch Antilian booty shaking caribbean temptress

Weight:55 kgs. / 110lbs

Chest: 75A, ( I can have a boob job after I have two kids for my BF/ Master)

Waist: 22inch corset 

Hips and Ass: Ya gotta see to believe.....I was awarded a HUGE ASSS!!!

Shoe size: 37 (Eur) 7 (US)

Tattoos: not yet

Piercings: 7 Earings and one tonge stud

Can be booked for:
Glamour, fashion, photo, film, runway, burlesque, latex, corset, nude to artistic extend, fetish, top, sub, stageshows, doorbitch, hostess
Personal Interests
My personal interests are broad as they are wide... I love traditional things such as the arts. culture and travel, gardening, collecting, and crafts..However subjects such as Satanism, occult, how the human mind works, what does behavior say, pain and pleasure, sado-maso.. and I can go on and on.. If you have questions Just ask... I won't bite.. hard


The Iron Queen